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Acupuncture Course Accreditation

Statutory regulation ABANDONED for acupuncture

When choosing courses you should realise that there is NO STATUTORY REGULATION of acupuncture and none is envisioned in the near future.  The BODYHARMONICS course provides you with a professional, accredited qualification which enables you to easily compete on equal terms with those who have chosen to do a three year degree course.

The Secretary of State for Health (Mr Andrew Lansley):  16 February 2011
" The practice of acupuncture is not affected by the EU Directive and, therefore, compliance is not required. I am confident that acupuncturists have their own voluntary regulatory measures in place, which are sufficiently robust. Additionally, local authorities in England have powers to regulate the hygiene of the practice of acupuncture, to protect against the risk of transmission of certain infectious diseases." See information about the latest measures decided in Parliament

Acupuncture training courses are at present unregulated in the UK. There are several schools to choose from but every prospective student asks if the acupuncture courses are accredited.

Professional Standards AuthorityPSA - the Professional Standards Authority,
the government Council for Healthcare Voluntary Regulation does not accredit acupuncture courses.

The PSA accredits a voluntary register if it can demonstrate compliance with their standards. It accredits independent registers such as:

PSA does not currently set the education levels required for an acupuncturist but expects the organisation holding the register to demonstrate it has set appropriate levels to ensure competent and safe practice. PSA does not accredit or review the content/length of training courses.

Each of these bodies sets standards for its own accredited acupuncture courses. Maria Mercati's Bodyharmonics Acupuncture and Tui Na courses are accredited by:

Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council

Complimentary Natural Healthcare Council

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Safe acupuncture

Maria Mercati has been running acupuncture courses each year since 1993. We teach all styles of needling using only single use disposable sterile needles. Many of the newer shorter acupuncture courses lack the wealth of learning and experience which under pin our course.