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Complete Acupuncture Training for Beginners

Bodyharmonics acupuncture courses accredited by Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council guarantee excellence in training, safe practice and professional conduct in order that you can practice and be insured. (see left navigation bar for other entry levels).

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Maria Mercati's professional acupuncture training course consists of Modules 1,2 & 3 with 45 contact days which does not include Anatomy & Physiology. Module 1 & 3 are compulsory and Module 2 is optional.
The quickest these modules can be completed is 15 months, however, the modules can be spread out over a longer period to suit your needs.
The practical content of Modules 1 is Tui Na Chinese Massage which is the essential hands on therapy to accompany acupuncture. It is the most effective way of developing the palpation skills that every acupuncturist needs but frequently does not have. Tui Na & Acupuncture share the same traditional Chinese medical (TCM) theory which is taught progressively throughout the modules.
Entry requirements: Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) Level 3. If you do not have this A&P qualification, we offer a separate A & P course - 5 days plus exam day.

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Acupuncture Training Course Module 1 - 11 days - compulsory
This is the first module of the acupuncture course and on completion qualifies for a
Tui Na Foundation Diploma.
TCM theory is taught through the medium of Tui Na which is used in the practical context from the start. Our module 1 is very thorough and comprehensive giving you enough TCM knowledge to use acupressure in an effective Tui Na treatment.
Students who possess Tui Na qualifications will have:

This gives you essential confidence in treating people and develops the important skill of effective palpation for musculo-skeletal conditions before you learn acupuncture by inserting needles.

Acupuncture Training Course Module 2 - 12 days - optional
This is the second module of the acupuncture course is optional and on completion qualifies you for a Tui Na Master Practitioner Diploma. If you only wish to concentrate on acupuncture and are not interested in combining Tui Na with acupuncture treatments you can skip this module.
You will be introduced to tongue & pulse diagnosis, the syndromes, and over 100 new techniques for more complex musculo-skeletal conditions. Modules 1 & 2 provide the strong foundation of TCM needed before you start the intensively practical acupuncture module 3.
If you are prepared to study more intensively you can do Module 2 & 3 simultaneously.

Acupuncture Diploma Course Module 3 - 22 days - compulsory

Students practising Clinical Acupuncture

picture of students undertaking acupuncture trainingthe acupuncture training course has lots of hands on practical experience

( you can't see the needles!)

picture: in order. Tom - osteopath, Jerry - sports therapist, Sean - engineer, Jason - psychiatric nurse.

All aspects of TCM theory are taught during Modules 1,2,3. It is progressive.
Module 3 - Acupuncture training
also involves extensive supervised clinical practice which takes place every afternoon. Acupuncture students have to do lots of private study and case studies which are necessary to achieve the standards required for safe and effective practice. Case studies that are carried out with Maria's unique protocols give students an unparalleled ability to diagnose and treat a huge variety of conditions with stunning success. Maria personally checks all case studies and provides detailed feedback to students.

Student learning acupuncture points
"Our acupuncture training gives you the opportunity to practice needling each major acu-point, accurately and deeply and also experience first hand the uniquely different effects and sensations that needling produces."

Our carefully controlled acupuncture point combinations are practised both in class and used for your out-of-class case studies as you learn acupuncture.

According to our students, our module 3 - acupuncture training can be described as "qualitative rather than quantitative. It is like distance learning with intensive periods of contact. The intensity of contact study is much greater than that which would be the norm in a College of Higher Education." Stephen Johnston.

Acupuncture and tuina combined treatmentThe combination of Acupuncture treatment with Tui Na creates some of the most powerful medicine available in the world today.
"My training has given me the tools I need to be able to treat a diverse range of conditions and individuals" - Chris Handbury
The ability to use Tui Na with acupuncture greatly enhances the effectiveness of treatment for all conditions. Tui Na provides the perfect practical base on which to build acupuncture.
Our Acupuncture & Tui Na course enables you to:

Most 3 year degree schools do not give you this amount of intensive hands-on acupuncture training, tending as they do, to teach TCM theory as a theoretical exercise. Practical clinical acupuncture usually takes place much later in the course. Interestingly, TCM provides further potential for a whole lifetime of rewarding study.

The BODYHARMONICS Acupuncture Diploma enables you to practice professionally in the UK and gain insurance through Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council.

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picture of Maria Mercati's best selling Tuina book, published in many languages

Maria Mercati is the best selling author of 166,000 copies in many languages