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The Bodyharmonics tui na course is starting soon!

There's never been a better time to get qualified with professional certification at massage therapy - and after 11 days learning (within 2 month period). That career you've always dreamed of is seriously within touching distance.

Interest rates are at the lowest they're ever likely to be at, the course is easy to attend and....YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT! Consider:

This tui na course is a fast track to a new career in massage therapy

What does "fast track" really mean?
There is no compromise on quality, it simply means this well established school will get you working at a new massage career after a 11 day course (you obviously have to pass the exam at the end).
But will I be able to treat patients after the course?
Yes. You will be able to give an effective tui na treatment with confidence. You practice this within the 11 day course (under supervision).
How do I start a practice with only 11 days behind me?
Because you will only take on basic tui na treatments at first. This entails nothing more than performing the right techniques. You will have had very experienced instructors, all working under a world renowned expert, with an international reputation (Maria Mercati).
Will it be necessary to expand upon what I've learnt on this course?
If you have the drive then there is nothing stopping you building upon the excellent knowledge you will have gained. Maria Mercati runs other courses that will extend your earning abilities further.
How will I know what path to follow professionally?
Simple. Maria has been there before you and knows exactly what you'll need and what you'll face when running a practice. You will have all the right choices before you when you want to go even further.
Can I really start up a "therapy practice" as a real career option?
Absolutely. Maria will give you years worth of guidance during your association with her. It's no harder than it is for anybody else with the right education and advice behind them. Of course, the ambition is up to you.
What base will tui na give me to further advance myself?
You will be able to practice powerful therapy from day one to treat illness and injury. You will also have the right basis from which to go on and add "advanced tui na", "Thai (yoga) massage", "Indonesian massage" and "acupuncture".
Is it easy to attend the course in Cheltenham?
Incredibly! Cheltenham is easy to reach, accommodation is available, everything you'll need is at the school and you'll even share time during the course with other people just like you. Maria has arranged everything so you can both learn AND enjoy.
How does this course compare to others that are available?
Basically, there are other excellent courses out there. The main difference is Maria's course will get you using what you're learning immediately, and hence into work quicker. You don't need years of academic theory to treat people with injuries and illnesses that respond to the treatments you'll be acquiring. And did we mention cost....considerably less than most. This is the course for those who have the confidence to DO IT.
I'm a little worried about finding clients
Maria and your other course instructors will all be able to give you advice on this - they're all working practitioners too. Help will even be on hand to advise you on how to work the web by Maria's own web designer. Remember, Maria will be teaching you to be amongst the best in your industry.
Do I need any further qualifications to take this course?
Only if you have no Anatomy and Physiology qualification. It's easy to take our course if need to alongside this one (details below).
What's stopping me taking this opportunity then ???
Beats us! Lets just recap what you've got going for you here:
  1. You'll be fully trained and accredited to treat people with tui na massage
  2. This course is aimed at practicallity and to get you working in the shortest time possible (no compromise in quality)
  3. The Bodyharmonics course is about two-thirds the cost of its main rivals but it gets you equally qualified
  4. You can get insurance via The Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council for immediate practice (subject to qualification)
  5. All the instructors are working therapists and are easy to talk to regarding advice on how to build up a practice. Maria and the Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council will all be on hand
  6. Course accommodation and logistics are easy and inexpensive, Cheltenham is easy to reach from most of the UK
  7. Interest rates are the lowest they've ever been making it easier than ever to fund the course

By all means explore the site further, but you can book here or think about it for another year - how driven are you?

Tui Na Course details

Tui Na: 11 days - £900      Exam fees - £125

Find Tui Na Course Dates | Book your Tui Na course here

Anatomy and Physiology: 5 days – £399 Exam fees - £75

Find Anatomy and Physiology Course Dates | Book your A & P here