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Massage Therapist Education

picture of Maria Mercati demonstrating tui na techniques as part of her massage therapist educationThis massage therapist education provides sufficient skills to earn money through basic Tui Na practice and get insurance from becoming qualified.

You learn the location and function of 100 acupoints relating to the practical skills that we teach you. Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory is taught through the medium of Tui Na which is used in the practical context from the start.

Our massage therapist education is very thorough giving enough TCM to apply an effective Tui Na treatment in a therapeutic context. Back in 1995, it was the first main Tui Na education course to be run in Britain

picture of Maria Mercati's best selling Tuina book, published in many languages

Maria Mercati is the best selling author of 166,000 copies of her Tui Na book which has been translated into many languages. Excellent as an introduction to meridians and acupoints.

After completing the massage therapist education, you should be able to treat a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions with confidence and be effective in maintaining good health for your clients.

The Massage Therapist Education also includes:

Anatomy and physiology course
If you do not have an acceptable Anatomy & Physiology ( A & P ) qualification , we offer a separate A & P course beginning in July 2008. You need to complete this A&P course in order to receive a Tui Na Foundation Diploma.

What is Tui Na ?

Tui Na is hands-on Traditional Chinese Medicine. It ranks equally with acupuncture, herbal medicine and Qigong. It has been tried and tested for over 4,000 years and is still regularly used by over one fifth of the World's population. It is part of the second largest medical system in the World.

Tui Na means to "push and grasp" It is based on the same medical theory as acupuncture

Done correctly, Tui Na facilitates the flow of vital energy called Qi (pronounced "chee"). It has been shown to flow through a system of channels called "meridians". Stimulation of various combinations of Qi-points on these meridians forms the basis of Tui Na therapy.

Tui Na Chinese massage techniques are designed to produce powerful effects on the flow of Qi in the body.

Tui Na is performed through clothing, is completely holistic and has no negative side effects

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What does Tui Na Chinese Massage treat?

picture of Maria Mercati demonstrating tui na techniques as part of her massage therapist educationMassage Therapist Education about the difference between Tui Na and Acupressure?

Acupressure involves gentle static pressure applied to acupoints. Tui Na focuses on the meridians as well as the acupoints.

Tui Na has a vast range of vigorous pressure movement techniques that promote Qi (intrinsic energy) flow and balance.

What is the difference between Tui Na and Shiatsu?

Both therapies are based on the same basic traditional Chinese medical theory. Tui Na dates back to over 4,000 years. However, around 1000 years ago Tui Na was introduced into Japan, where it was modified to become what is now known as Shiatsu.

Tui Na has a huge arsenal of robust pressure and manipulative techniques all of which require diverse movements. Shiatsu by comparison is very slow, gentle and static with lots of sustained presses.

What People say about this massage therapist education

"We believe students trained at your school are mostly exceptional and impressive."

Tony Wright Bsc:
Several years ago I attended both the Foundation & Master Practitioner Tuina courses at the Bodyharmonics centre in Cheltenham.

From day one of the course, taught by Maria, Trevor & Graham
Mercati, I was captivated by the knowledge, skill & love of their work. The training was intense & a lot was expected of students - mainly to work very hard and learn. The first time Maria demonstrated a technique on me I knew I was in the right school.

You have to feel the Tuina that is taught at Bodyharmonics. Language will not describe its unique flavour. Since having a successful practise for the past few years I have experienced other massage systems including Tuina practitioners trained elsewhere. None so far have had this unique approach to Tuina, an approach my clients come back for again and again (even when they are better). I am working hard to develop and maintain the very high standards that I was taught. Long may the Mercati family continue to teach this very special work.

Alan Orr:
"I have been teaching martial arts for many years & have travelled the world to find the right teachers in the time. You really cannot miss the opportunity to study with the right teachers when you find them.
Having access to the years of knowledge that Maria holds and shares is a true gift!"

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