Self catering accommodation for courses


56 Flecker’s Drive
Tel: 01242 582168

Parking available on drive only for students who stay at 56 Flecker’s Drive.
Right next door to Bodyharmonics – 54 Flecker’s Drive

  • share a house with other students on the course
  • make friends and exchange ideas on therapies
  • ideal for lunch breaks
  • avoids morning stresses of negotiating traffic
  • check out in the evening when the course finishes not normal B&B morning
  • haven of quiet and peace

‘Living near Oxford, I didn’t have a particularly long journey to the Bodyharmonics Centre, but found staying next door so convenient and stress-free. No negotiating unfamiliar routes, getting stuck in traffic or worries about being late. Also, so convenient for lunch times, being able to rest and relax before the afternoon session with no rush. I have found the house clean and comfortable with every convenience, even internet access.
This was the third time I have stayed in the house and have found the support and friendship of other students in the house invaluable. Friendships I made in the house helped me through the course and made my stay completely enjoyable and I am sure we will continue to stay in touch in the future.”

Lisa McCutcheon