Acupuncture Course for sports therapists

Module 3 – Acupuncture Course for Diploma

Maria Mercati’s  Acupuncture course for sports therapists provides you with the ability to transform your treatment potential with the use of authentic acupuncture as it is done in China.  Massage or sports massage therapists who start with Module 3  can find it extremely challenging.  For qualified and experienced massage or sports massage therapists,  Module 1 – Acupuncture is not compulsory.

We strongly advise all massage therapists to do Module 1  of the  Acupuncture course.  This will provide you with basic traditional Chinese Medical theory (TCM)  with the added bonus of  Tui Na. It gives a thorough grounding in the Meridians and their acupuncture points with a unique massage therapy that completely complements acupuncture and all other forms of massage.

All our massage and sports therapists who did module 1, said how their massage treatments improved dramatically using the acupuncture points taught in the Tui Na course.    We have not had anyone regret doing this Tui Na based Module.

Module 1  – Acupuncture

This module gives you a good introduction, covering :

  • The pathways of the 12 Primary Meridians and the interrelationships between hand & foot Meridians
  • The pathways of  2 Extraordinary Meridians
  • Anatomical location and therapeutic properties of over 100 Acupuncture points used in Tui Na and Acupuncture.
  • Five Element Energy patterns and energy flow in TCM.
  • Basic TCM theory – Qi Jing, Shen, Blood, Body Fluids, Yin and Yang pathologies

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Pericardium Meridian
Pericardium Meridian - Image from Maria Mercati's Tui Na Manual

No statutory regulation of acupuncture

  • At present, there is no statutory regulation of acupuncture with the result that there are many courses on offer as short as 2-12 days.
    Medical acupuncture and dry needling courses for sports massage therapists and orthopaedic acupuncture only began in the 1970’s as an adjunct to trigger point therapy for sole the purpose of muscular pain relief and some acute injuries.
  • This is too short to achieve the acupuncture theory and skills that we consider essential for treating sports injuries. Back injuries, in particular, require specialist treatment.
  • Most patients have underlying energetic problems which require more in-depth training to treat persistent chronic conditions.
  • Our course will give you Acupuncture skills that will speed your patient’s recovery from injury and boost their subsequent performance. You will be a better and more successful therapist.
  • Please note that we require submission of your (scanned copy) qualifications prior to acceptance on the course.
acupuncture course
Student Octavia Walters - Sports massage therapist on the acupuncture course supervised by Maria Mercati

Our Module 3 – Acupuncture training covers all relevant TCM theory in the mornings and extensive supervised clinical practice every afternoon.

“Would you be happy as a patient to go to an acupuncturist who uses invasive needling, but whose qualification is the result of completing a 12 day or even much shorter course !”  To study acupuncture to high standards is an absolute necessity.

Acupuncture is a serious therapy where inept needling can cause serious damage such as pneumothorax or penetration of internal organs

Other choices of long or short acupuncture courses are:

  • Three years, part-time acupuncture degree courses with extensive theory and essay writing, but with vastly less clinical, practical acupuncture than Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course.
  • Short 4-12 day sports acupuncture courses which cannot provide a sound and coherent basis for the practice of acupuncture which is complex and involves a full understanding of the underlying science.
Spinal Acupuncture
Back Shu points on the Bladder Meridian

Acupuncture is a practical skill which needs lots of practical experience

Acupuncture for sports therapists
Acupuncture for sports injury - Hamstring injury
  • Our acupuncture training course gives each student the opportunity to practice needling specific acu-points, accurately and deeply.
  • Students also get to experience first hand the unique different effects and sensations.
  • Maria Mercati’s  carefully controlled acupuncture point combinations are practised both in class and used for your out-of-class case studies. They help you build up mega confidence in treating musculo-skeletal conditions as well as internal problems.
  • Most other schools do not give you this hands-on training and tend to teach basic TCM theory as an academic exercise.
  • Practical clinical acupuncture only comes in much later in the course. However long the course, understanding the complexities of TCM takes a lifetime of study.