Acupuncture course Syllabus

Study Acupuncture with Maria Mercati at the Bodyharmonics School

Her 23 day acupuncture course produces fully competent, professional acupuncturists with passion for their work.

The acupuncture course syllabus is as intensive and rigorous as a degree level acupuncture course but with 50/50 academic and practical from day one.

The main emphasis is on TCM  -Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture throughout, taught from unique reserves of knowledge and understanding that result from years of study in China.

The acupuncture training course covers all essential Chinese medical theory together with all the needling and other practical skills that a professional acupuncturist would require.

Acupuncture Students - Bodyharmonics School
Acupuncture Students at the BODYHARMONICS School

On our acupuncture course you will be taught and extensively practice the following:

Fundamental structures of TCM

This covers Jing, Shen, Qi, Blood, Body Fluids, Yin/Yang relationships, the Eight Principles and the TCM causes of disease –the emotions, pathogenic factors, diet

Pericardium Meridian
Pericardium Meridian - Jue Yin of the Hand from Maria Mercati;s Tui Na Book

Meridians & acupoints

To learn the interrelationships between the 12 meridians and the 8 extraordinary meridians and the use of specific acupoints to capitalize on these relationships. To accurately locate 140 acu-points and learn their special functions.

You learn the location and qualities of the Yuan source, Luo connecting, the Five Shu, the Qi-Cleft, the Influential and Back Shu and Front Mu points.

You will learn to use and needle all these acupuncture points in a diagnostic and treatment context.

Maria Mercati with Acupuncture model in China
Pulse taking
Students taking the pulse in a clinical setting

Developing Diagnostic Skills

Pulse Taking

There will be serious emphasis placed on diagnostic skills. You will learn to take the pulse to determine its strength, depth,  speed and quality to provide essential clues to the final diagnosis.

Pulse Diagnosis in TCM
Pulse Diagnosis in TCM

Tongue Diagnosis

Every practitioner versed in TCM -Traditional Chinese Medicine theory will use tongue diagnosis as a quick,  easy and comprehensive way of confirming the health status of a patient.  You will learn to observe the tongue to determine colour, shape, coating and particular areas, to give the most accurate indication of a pattern of disharmony. A normal tongue should be pale red with a thin translucent coating with no swelling or cracks.

tongue diagnosis - swollen tongue
Tongue Diagnosis - pale swollen tongue with toothmarks
Tongue Diagnosis -red tongue
Tongue Diagnosis - red tongue with cracks
Tongue Diagnosis
Tongue Diagnosis - red edges around tongue
Tongue Diagnosis
Tongue Diagnosis - pale tongue

The principles of TCM diagnosis

Diagnosis and development of diagnostic skills based on listening, asking about the presenting symptoms and medical history, observation of the tongue and relevant body features, palpation of the pulse and Meridians. You will develop these skills through guided case studies in and out of the classroom and relate your findings to the Organ syndromes

Chinese Organ syndrome differentiation

You will learn the causes, symptoms and inter-relationships of TCM Organ syndromes. You will learn Maria Mercati’s most effective possible acupoint combinations for needling. You will be introduced to Five Element acupuncture theory.

Mercati - acupuncture course
Trevor Mercati teaching tongue diagnosis on Tui Na Masters and Acupuncture courses
acupuncture course
Student needling GB 20 on the acupuncture course 2017

Orthopaedic Musculo-Skeletal acupuncture

Maria Mercati’s course teaches you the treatment all acute injuries caused by sports or trauma and all chronic arthritic conditions and their underlying causes. You will learn the pathology of Bi syndromes covering TCM Stagnation, Damp, Cold, Wind and Heat.

Frozen shoulder
Graham Mercati teaching acupuncture to treat frozen shoulder at the Bodyharmonics School
acupuncture course
Graham Mercati demonstrating lower back pain

Spinal acupuncture

Huatuojiaji and Back Shu acupoints are used for both musculo-skeletal and all chronic internal and acute external conditions. Throughout the course great emphasis is placed on safe, effective needling particularly in relation to spinal acupuncture.

Huatuojiaji & Back shu acupuncture points
Huatuojiaji acupuncture points to tonify the Organs needled safely and deeply.
Bladder Meridian
Acupuncture points on the Bladder Meridian - Tai Yang of the Foot
A student doing spinal acupuncture

Clinical supervised acupuncture practice

The acupuncture training course has lots of hands on practical experience.   “Our acupuncture course has a strong focus on diagnosis and the formulation of needling prescriptions.” Maria Mercati.
I feel it’s very important to give each student the opportunity to practice needling each acupuncture point, accurately and deeply and experience first hand their uniquely different effects and sensations.

Acupuncture courses
Graham Mercati demonstrating acupuncture on student to treat knee pain
Clinical Acupuncture
Student practising acupuncture for knee pain under supervision of Graham Mercati

Specialist Acupuncture Needling techniques

You will learn reduction and tonification techniques for the safe, effective treatment of Excess and Deficiency conditions and the achievement of Deqi.    “Acupuncture does not take effect until the arrival of Qi. This is called Deqi. Inserting the needle into the skin should cause little or no pain. Deqi can be an uncomfortable sensation once the needle is inserted. When the needle is manipulated the sensation should be as strong as the patient can bear. This is different for each patient.” Maria Mercati ©

World Health Organiztaion - WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) list of conditions for which Acupuncture is effective?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has been responsible for controlled clinical trials of acupuncture therapy for a wide range of different medical conditions.
At the BODYHARMONICS School, we teach practical Acupuncture exactly as practised in China today.   Acupuncture is used for conditions that Tui Na alone would improve more slowly. Many patients are paranoid about acupuncture needles however, and being able to offer Tui Na in addition to acupuncture gives you another set of options.
Click here to see a list of medical conditions for which Acupuncture is effective.


Cupping can be as a stand-alone therapy and in conjunction with acupuncture


Is for use in both musculo-skeletal and internal conditions.  You will also be taught to use a moxa stick without needles  and how to use moxa on a medium such as ginger

Fire cupping on shoulder
cupping with heat lamp
Moxa on acupuncture needles ST 36 & ST 37
Acupuncture & Moxa
Acupuncture & Moxa for tennis elbow

Microsystems Auricular Acupuncture

This covers the five detox points as seen in the picture and also stress relief, weight loss and musculo-skeletal pain relief.

Auricular Acupuncture 5 Detox points

Microsystems Wrist and Ankle  Acupuncture

Primarily used for pain control. It is a system that can be used on a daily basis in a clinic that specialises in musculo-skeletal conditions.

Microsystems Wrist & Ankle Acupuncture

Cosmetic acupuncture

It is used for toning the face, reducing lines and wrinkles. Our cosmetic acupuncture will be learnt under the strictest supervision to ensure total safety. We will show you both the Western style cosmetic acupuncture as well as the Chinese style.

Cosmetic Acupuncture
Cosmetic Acupuncture


Electro-acupuncture therapy is taught on the CPD by Danny Van Laethem after the exam day.

Gateway to Excellence and Quality with Maria Mercati

“For me, Acupuncture is so exciting as there are many, many ways to use it to produce the desired effect.
The Chinese text translates as  “to be a good acupuncturist you need skill, knowledge, experience and kindness”.

These are the essential tools to effectively and almost intuitively use this most powerful of medicine.
The outcomes can be so remarkable that it almost seems like magic. At other times it is necessary to draw on my years of experience and be more patient as the desired results unfold more slowly.

My goal is to give every patient and acupuncture student the benefit of this experience.”

How Acupuncture can change people’s lives, physically and emotionallyread on…..

Maria Mercati studied with Professor Wang Rui in the TCM hospital in Jinan.