Acupuncture Study in China at TCM  University and Hospital

Acupuncture Study in China at TCM University  and hospital in Hangzhou 23 March /7 April 2019.

Non refundable Deposit £50  to cover admin costs.
Maria will make arrangements with the university for hospital and will advise on accommodation.
The hospital is about £45 per day per student based on 6 students.
You  must get their own airline ticket to Hangzhou.  The flights vary from £600 upwards – Air China, KLM, etc.  For the accommodation we are staying very close to the hospital. It is 400 RMB – 800- RMB per night. depending  which place you stay in.   You will also need a visa which requires about 2-3 weeks with a fingerprint at the Chinese embassy

Clinical acupuncture
China - Hangzhou lake & mountains

The Chinese TCM hospital is linked to a Western hospital and uses traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine in their own right or offer a combination of both.
Chinese outpatients hospitals have multiple acupuncture departments where highly qualified and experienced acupuncture doctors have their own specialised style.
The hospitals are very busy giving you unbelievable clinical experience. They will enable you to experience authentic acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, bleeding cupping, electro-acupuncture and Tui Na for adults and children. This experience will enable you to develop a successful business more quickly.
The hospital is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.00pm. The evenings and weekends are free, to see the local sights.
This hospital is in Hangzhou near the beautiful West lake, which is a world heritage site. During the 13th century, Marco Polo visited Hangzhou and described it as ” the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world”. We stayed at the Marco Polo hotel.

Yue Yang Hospital
Maria Mercati at Yue Yang hospital in Shanghai 1992

Since 1992, Maria Mercati has studied acupuncture in China 14 times at TCM hospitals in Shanghai, Weihai, Beijing, Xian, Jinan and Hangzhou.
Six of these trips have involved taking acupuncture students to the traditional Chinese Medicine – TCM hospital in Shandong which is situated in Jinan.
Last March 2017, she took three students to a hospital in Hangzhou  which not only did traditional Chinese acupuncture but specialised in Microsystems abdominal acupuncture.

Tui Na
Maria Mercati receiving Tui Na on her back at Yue Yang Hospital Shanghai 1992

Acupuncture Study in China at  Shandong TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2006

2006 Maria Mercati's group from UK & Danny Van Laethem's group from Belgium
Electric pulse machine for students to learn pulses at Shandong university of TCM
First Student TCM trip to China - 2006. From Left Eirian Harris, Wade Brown, Anne Ullestaad, Sue Kohler
Banquet with Director of Shandong University of TCM - 2006
Maria Mercati & Dr.Cui-Hongjiang April 2006 Shandong University of TCM

Acupuncture study & training in China at  Shandong TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2008

China group 2008 -- Shandong Univesisty of TCM
Maria Mercati, Wade Brown, Eirian Harrison, Sue Kohler - SECOND China trip 2008.

Acupuncture Training  in China at  Shandong TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2010

Study Acupuncture
China Trip 2010 - Jinan. Steve, Wade,, Dr Cui, Peter, Maria, Claudia, Director, Steve Mason, Meg, Sue Kohler, Vice Director, Teresa.
Study Acupuncture
China Trip 2010 - Dr Peter Forster observing Inpatient ward with Director Wang Riu
Study acupuncture
China Trip 2010 - Banquet with Director of The Shandong University. - From Left - Sue Kohler 4th Trip, Steve Mason, Claudia Walker

Acupuncture Training  in China at  Shandong TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2011

Study Acupuncture
China Trip Jinan 2011 - THIRD group: Sue Kohler, Edward Simmons, Vicky Siggins
Study acupuncture
China group - Jinan Hospital 2011 with Professor Wang Rui
Acupuncture treatment
Edward Simmons having one needle acupuncture in Jinan 2011

Acupuncture Training  in China at  Shandong TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2013

Study acupuncture
China Trip 2013.From Front Rita, Carol, Ian, Sue, Maria, Zena,, Back Disranza, Steve, Tom, Peter, Giuseppe
Study acupuncture
China Trip Jinan - Director of Acupuncture - Wang Rui, Maria Mercati, Sue Kohler and students
Study Acupuncture
China group 2013 From left: Giuseppe, Rita, Steve, Tom Santisook, Zena, Distanza and Romano

Acupuncture Training  in China in Hangzhou at  Zhejiang  TCM  University & Hospital.   April 2017

Clinical acupuncture
Hangzhou Provincial Hospital of TCM
Clinical acupuncture in China
Clinical acupuncture in TCM hospital in Hangzhou 2017. Helen Trill, Maria Mercati, Rosemary Jambert,-Gray Ellie Roberts
Hospital in Hangzhou = Helen Trill, Ellie Roberts and Rosemary Jambert-Gray 2017
Hangzhou - maria mercati
China - Hangzhou Maria Mercati on her travel scoot
Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Pharmacy Hangzhou
Learn acupuncture
Maria Mercati in Chinese hospital in Hangzhou