Pre-requisite: None
Fees: £399
Duration: 5 days over 2 weekends
10.30 am- 6.00 pm

Exam fees:  £75
Home study: 60 hours

The Anatomy and Physiology course  is for students who do not have a recognised  Level 3 qualification.  It is compulsory for Tui Na Module 1, Thai Massage or Acupuncture.

Our anatomy and physiology course can start before or after the Tui Na module, but you must have successfully completed one before receiving this diploma.

Anatomy and Physiology Course – October 2020

October 3/4
October /November 30/31/1
Exam day – January 2021 15

Anatomy and Physiology Course January 2021

January 23/24
February 26/27/28
March /April   2021 TBA
Craig Thorn teaching Anatomy & Physiology - A&P.
Craig Thorn teaching Anatomy & Physiology - A&P.

 Anatomy and Physiology  Course Level 3 – (A&P)

Teacher, Craig Thorn BSc (Hons) in Biology and a PGCE is a specialist in providing individual help in anatomy and physiology (A&P).

The Bodyharmonics Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) course places emphasis on the maintenance of balance and energy flow in the body’s systems & the musculo-skeletal system.

Our anatomy & physiology courses (A&P) are specifically structured to make them practical and relevant to the Tui Na & Acupuncture courses being taught.  Cheap online A &P courses will not give you the vital hands-on experience that this course offers, enabling you to palpate the body to confidently detect pathologies  of musculo-skeletal system.

We have been teaching successful courses for many years. Over time we have fine- tuned our teaching methods to make them very effective in helping students become highly proficient health practitioners.
The course is accredited by Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council (AcuC) and approved by Holistic Insurance which leads to full insurance with either Tui Na, Thai massage or acupuncture.

Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) Syllabus

  • Physical and Chemical Processes Fundamental to Life
  • Tissues
    Functional aspects of tissues of the musculo-skeletal system.
  • The Musculo-Skeletal System
    Functions of the skeleton. Position, articulations and names of the principal bones. Structure and classification of joints. Position, origin, insertion and names of principal muscles. Musculature in relation to meridians and Qi-points.
  • The Nervous System
    Gross features of brain, spinal cord, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. Innervation of skeletal muscle. Co-ordination, tone and balance, Sense organs of the muscles, tendons and skin.
  • Chemical Co-ordination
    Hormones and their role in the body.
  • Water Balance
    Sources of water. The role of water in metabolism. Osmoregulation. The role of water in excretion and elimination.
  • Transport
    Blood and lymph.
  • Bio Energetics And Metabolism. 
    Food as fuel and raw material. Digestion as the process that makes food molecules absorbable. Liver function and assimilation.
  • Common Pathological Conditions
  • Core Subjects
    Ethics, first aid and safety in the clinic, hygiene, client handling, management and public relation

Frequently asked questions about the Anatomy and Physiology course by interested students:

  • The Anatomy & Physiology Course (A&P course) can overlap with module 1 course – Yes
  • Does studying and passing Modules 1 & 2 Tui Na automatically allow you to move onto Module 3 Acupuncture – Yes
  • Is it at all possible to overlap simultaneously Modules 2 & 3 – Yes, if you have enough time.  Both modules 2 & 3 cover the same TCM theory, but in more depth for Module 3.  Mod 2 includes all the advanced Tui Na techniques & Mod 3 – you start needling
  • There is only one Module 3 – Acupuncture course per year. The next one will start June/July.
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