Anatomy & Physiology Testimonials

  Anatomy & Physiology Testimonials . Greg Webster – Qigong practitioner, Oxford

What people say about our A&P course. 
“I studied Anatomy & Physiology Diploma at Bodyharmonics as a logical link between my Qigong practice and Tui Na massage. Whilst the course provides an excellent understanding of the principles and practicalities involved from a western medical perspective, the relationship to and contrast between these principles and the traditional Chinese approach was integral, and provided valuable insight for anyone considering training in eastern therapies.

I found our teacher Craig Thorn to be a warm, likeable and very knowledgeable communicator, who made the process of covering a significant amount of detailed material something of a joy to do, with a good balance between lecture and practical palpation sessions. The whole environment that the course is delivered in provides further insight into good practice should a career as a therapist be your chosen goal.”
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