Carl Cieka – 2009-2010

Carl Cieka Acupuncture Testimonial
Modules 1 – Tui Na foundation,  Module 2  – Tui Na Masters 2 & Module 3 -Acupuncture

Having spent almost a year studying acupuncture at a major UK University, it was a welcome relief to find there is an alternative to vast lecture theatres, oversized classes and impersonal teaching staff obsessed with the Harvard Referencing System and SPSS statistical analysis!
The Bodyharmonics Centre is a small, friendly, intimate college, set in a peaceful, tranquil setting where staff and students mix freely and openly. The course is hands-on from day one and although the theory is comprehensive and in-depth, it always relates to the clinical practice of acupuncture.

Elizabeth Cave
Elizabeth Cave- Acupuncture & Tui Na course - Blue T-Shirt in the middle

Carl Cieka Acupuncture Testimonial.
The college principle, Maria Mercati is tireless in her quest to train students to become excellent, safe and caring practitioners. Her passion and enthusiasm for acupuncture knows no bounds. The workload is immense and the course highly challenging, however, the rewards are equally immense and the results achieved in clinical practice, can be simply amazing!