Chris Payne Bodyharmonics Course Testimonial
Qualified in Modules 1, 2 & 3 May 2009 – 2010

Chris Payne Bodyharmonics Course Testimonial
Having gone through the incredible training that Maria’s courses offer. I cannot imagine how any other institution could be as thorough and interesting as the two and a half years I spent studying both Tui Na and acupuncture at Bodyharmonics.
I came to this course with little knowledge of TCM and from day 1 was totally hooked on all aspects of the lectures and training we received from Maria, Trevor and Graham.
I did struggle to start with as it appeared a little overwhelming at first because my knowledge base was limited to say the least, but gradually everything started to fall into place and make perfect sense due to the amazing teaching techniques. In fact we had a few students who had been on University degree courses and commented on how brilliant Marias teachings were, and her Tui Na courses are without a doubt the best you will find in any institution. That’s not just myself saying this, the Tui na students from the degree courses were there to learn tui na as it hadn’t been well taught in their respective institutions.

Acupuncture course
Chris-Payne- giving Acupuncture on the Bodyharmonics course

After completing the Tui Na masters I continued with the acupuncture course and from day one, under Maria and Grahams attentive guidance, we were doing acupuncture with both safety and confidence, having had the foundation of the Tui Na courses which I totally recommend as these have been of phenomenal use in my practice.
After qualifying I spent a couple years honing my skills in an area of Northern France and building up a good solid client base. I am now lucky enough to have a practice in Paris just off the Champs Elysees where I use Tui na, acupuncture and electronic acupressure to some ‘very discerning’ Parisian clients (including a few French celebrities).

I would have never been able to do this without the exceptional teachings of Maria and the almost magic way she has of installing huge amounts of confidence and self belief in her pupils, but with humility and without any sense of arrogance or superiority that some other institutions appear to have installed in theirs.
I honestly cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Chris Payne