What is the difference between Tui Na and  Sports Massage?

For the Chinese athletes, Tui Na is available to boost performance and treat injuries without needing Western treatments such as physiotherapy, osteopathy and sports massage, none of which are used. Few can fail to be impressed by the meteoric rise of the Chinese in the international sports arena.

Most sports injuries involve damage to muscle fibres, myofascia or tendons and they are commonly caused by overuse of muscles that are not functionally balanced with other muscles in their group and with their antagonists.

Tui Na Chinese massage is a uniquely powerful means of treating all types of problems encountered in sport.
Tui Na techniques using acupoints and Meridian theory learned on this massage therapy course can be even more effective than sports massage. Recovery and return to full performance is more rapid than with Western therapies.

Regular Tui Na can significantly reduce the need for surgical operations for spine and joints problems