Distanza Acupuncture Experience

My first acupuncture experience is one that I will never forget, I could kind of describe it as the first breath you take after holding your breath under water for as long as you can, but that would only touch the sides…..

Maria had asked everybody attending the tui na course to try acupuncture, I was very nervous and was pretty sure at first that I wouldn’t try it. I stayed by on the thursday to watch her do acupuncture on two of the other students and she asked me if I wanted to try it I said that I hated needles and that the idea made me very nervous. She said not to worry and after a little more coaxing I said ok.

I laid on the couch and closed my eyes, i had sweaty palms and was very anxious you can imagine, anyhow she said she was going to use very fine needles, i said ok and she said she’d do something gentle.

When the last pin went into on the left foot the most amazing sensation happened to me the sensation i felt was what i imagined to see/feel at the moment i took my last breath and died, i will elaborate on that… basically it was like every scene in my whole life flashed before my eyes in a split second a millionth of a split second but i saw every one and the rush i felt was better than any drug or orgasm i have ever experienced ever it was like a divine intervention, breath taking, with this instant emotion i burst into spontaneous tears but not of sadness just through sheer joy enlightenment that i had experienced in this Millie second.

And with the crying my heart started beating like crazy my breathing became a little erratic but Maria came along and massaged some points to calm me down. I got my self relatively calm and before I knew it she was tweaking my needles I didn’t have the flash but the wave of emotion started me crying again. Those 40 minutes were the most memorable moments in my entire life the moment was a life time and I knew at the very second I felt what I did that I wanted to learn this and practice it for the rest of my life. Thank you Maria and family for my own personal release from life.

I had more acupuncture the following week – the next day i didn’t even feel like i existed, by this i mean i felt so calm and felt that i was floating like had no gravitation all day, to the point where i went to the pool and just stuck floats under my arms and legs so i could rally feel like i was weightless it was phenomenal xx