Fiona Hurlock Acupuncture Testimonial

  Shiatsu qualification , Module 3 – Acupuncture
Fiona Hurlock Acupuncture Testimonial.  Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course is a real hands-on experience. As a shiatsu practitioner I truly value the emphasis she has placed upon the practical application of acupuncture as the main focus for her course. I was able to integrate acupuncture into my shiatsu practice with immediate and positive effect. Maria’s enthusiasm and love of real Chinese acupuncture as practiced right now in Chinese hospitals is inspiring, and her belief in the efficacy of this dynamic style of acupuncture is extremely motivating. The intense nature of the course creates a wonderful opportunity to develop strong, supportive friendships and provides a network for continued development and support post graduation.

Acupuncture Course
Fiona Hurlock treating a patient on the acupuncture course