John Pfaff Acupuncture Testimonial – 2004

John F. Pfaff, AB, MBA, PhD, CFP, Acupuncture Diploma, Professor Emeritus, Acupunturisto, Canary Islands

Acupuncture course testimonial
John Pfaff (far-right) on Maria Mercati's Acupuncture course 2006/7

Great teacher, great teaching technique, and tremendous individual support are just a few of the key to take of Maria Mercati’s acupuncture course. From the first session you develop your confidence with hands on practical clinical training. You not only acquire the skill to use acupuncture needling effectively to help others but master the ability to diagnose the appropriate treatment within the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) framework through case work ups on real people.

Maria’s personal commitment to TCM and acupuncture, her willingness to share her personal successful techniques with her students, and the needling homework assignments that you work on under individual supervision in class before doing on your own ensure that that you can begin to build a successful practice while studying. I know of no other program that permits you to develop your practice while studying.

Having been a professor and dean for over 30 years, I wish very teacher and program could be as effective, supportive and successful in preparing students to function in the work environment. Her books are an excellent indication of the clarity of her teaching methodology. If you have enjoyed the books, you will enjoy her in person even more.

The other students were mature, motivated people who were serious, dedicated and willing to acquiring as much knowledge and skill as they could as quickly as they could. They were willing to share there experiences and supported each other in class and between class sessions. If you are prepared to make the commitment and do the assignments, you will have an excellent, practical TCM and acupuncture education and prepare a solid foundation of a successful practice.

I have retired and used the skills acquired in Maria’s program to develop a practice that has meet my very expectation … personal satisfaction, confident and effective care of others, and financial income.