Lynne Fisher Tui Na Testimonial
– 2012  Switzerland

Lynne Fisher – 2012 – Switzerland
I have just completed Tui na Module 1 and would like to thank everyone at Bodyharmonics for their time, patience and inspiration.

I enrolled on the Tui na course as a means to eventually gaining the Acupuncture qualification and have to admit that I didn’t know anything about it. With no background in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory or bodywork everything was new. However, even after the first few days of the course I was able to put my newly found skills into use at home; treating two sprained ankles (one mine!), stomach ache, infant fever, toothache, acute bronchitis and backache. All thanks to the teaching of Maria and Graham.
At the start of the course I had no thoughts about practising Tui na except in conjunction with Acupuncture. However my willing volunteers for the case studies don’t want their treatment to stop and have spread the word, so my next move is to get insurance and then work on obtaining the paediatric Tui na qualification.

Lyne Fisher Tui Na Testimonial.
Also during the course I was treated with acupuncture. Firstly for my sciatica, which is now kept at bay with regular Tui na from my husband (who I have taught so I can benefit too!). Secondly, from a long history of chronic pain, I had restricted movement in one side of my neck, which Maria treated with one needle…in my ankle! Amazing! Thank you, Maria.

My family have now integrated Tui na into daily life. My 2 year old now automatically holds out her hand to me to massage if she is feeling unwell or agitated and my 7 year old loves the one to one time during a treatment. My husband is appreciative of the rapid treatment of his regular sporting injuries and even the dog enjoys regular Tui na for her arthritis. Thank you all

Tui Na course
Lynne Fisher's child doing Tui Na Chinese Massage on her Daddy