Student testimonials on Bodyharmonics courses
Lynne Rhodes – 2007 Msc Nursing

I made the decision to start the acupuncture course in an attempt to find a pain relief that the Western Biomedical model of medicine could not provide. I had been working in an outpatient department at a busy University Hospital with daily patient traffic in excess of 600 patients per day.

The moment our intake of Tui Na Foundation students entered the ‘Shed’ we were asked to sit in a circle on the floor and introduce ourselves. This ice breaker is essential for any group coming together to learn from each other and achieve any level of growth. As difficult as it was to sum up our lives and to explain why we were undertaking this learning journey in three sentences, all twenty five of us careful about how much we were going to expose ourselves.

Tui Na & Acupuncture course
Tui Na Masters & Acupuncture Practitioner group 2007- Lynne Rhodes - 2nd row in white

At the end Trevor very graciously said that those who were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity will recall and those not so fortunate must imagine, in a voice of pure calm and genuine resolve, that our lives were about to change as acupuncture changes lives. His words echoed with cynicism to this old bird, yet nevertheless his voice and tone made me curious.

I continued on through all three modules over the course of a year, working diligently on the theory and practice. Each and every step of the way I realised that in twenty years in Western Medicine I actually knew very little about ‘health’. I learnt how I had not been taking very good care of myself, despite doing everything I could in a Western scientific sense. I learnt what ‘health’ was and more importantly, how to attain it on a physical level, after having had twenty five years of debilitating headaches.

Two and half years later, Trevor’s voice echoes again…As determined as I am to be well and continue with the daily pilgrimage of health choices, I realised what has happened emotionally. The enlightenment, the epiphany, the ‘ah ha’ moment, the Eureka occurred! The changed life! I had finally ‘taken charge ‘of my life. The life that was past, yet continued to haunt each moment of each day. The childhood trauma, the destructive learnt behaviour patterns, the roles that were set by others for me to fulfil, perform for the pleasure of others and the purposes which others imposed upon me.

The emotions that follow human relationships affect us all. One year on from the acupuncture exam, I returned to the ‘Shed’ for a CPD day, only to be greeted by a previous group member whose first words were, ‘Hi how are you? Still beating yourself up?’ Having never disclosed my emotional self I found this shockingly hard to take on board.

Another year on, with a demandingly selfish mother, a teenage nephew with advanced cancer, a distraught sister, a demoralising brother and a world recession, I still had better health and fewer headaches! Then came the test, a phone call asking me to perform yet another task! Finally I had to balls to say, ‘I can’t do what you are asking, but I will co operate and made my offer. ‘Disappointing’ I was told. ….

The learnt cognitive behaviour pattern returned to haunt me. Thoughts became emotions, emotions became physical reactions. Struggling with the old cycle, desperate to hold back from the old routine of performing for others, feeling abused afterwards, then getting angry which caused the headaches in the first place, and a six month guilt trip. Frustrated and very very angry with myself, I began needeling Ki6, Sp6, LR3, Du 20, Du24, Yintang, DU 26. BOOM, like high voltage electricity a surge of energy shook me physically. My body jolted for 30 seconds or so, tears and more tears, then in a matter of minutes, I had never felt better.

This is the decade of Mind Body Medicine as we endeavour to unravel the darkest secrets of our brain with modern high tech nanotechnology. The biological underpinnings of our awareness are manifested in our emotions, beliefs and expectations, these neuropeptides and their receptors provide the biochemical messengers which network the body and had been under renovation for two and a half years. Renovation completed and good to go! On with the next chapter ! A CHANGED LIFE