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Positive Health Magazine – Issue 126 – August 2006
Chinese Healthcare by Maria Mercati
The name Traditional Chinese Medicine is often abbreviated to TCM. It includes not only the more familiar Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and Diet but also Tui Na – the less publicized hands-on therapy which is a complex medical massage and manipulation for adults and children as well Qigong and Taichi – healing exercises.

Positive Health magazine  – Issue 40  May 1999
The Healing Benefits of Oriental Massage   by Maria Mercati
On centre stage in this article are Tui Na – Chinese Massage, Shiatsu, Traditional Thai
Massage and Indonesian Massage. 

Positive Health magazine  Issue 17  January 1997
Tuina: A complete holistic healing system from China  by Maria Mercati
Tuina is derived from the Chinese words “Tui” – to push and “Na” – to grasp, two techniques fundamental to traditional Chinese medical massage and manipulation. In present day China, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is main stream, existing alongside Western medicine and providing for many of the health needs of its massive 1.3 billion plus population.

Positive Health magazine  Issue 14 – August 1996
Thai Massage by Maria Mercati
The origins of Thai massage remain obscured in the mists of time. It is modern compared with Tuina (Chinese) and Ayurvedic (Indian) massage which date back over 4000 years but has nevertheless been practised in more or less its present form for over 1000 years.

What is Tui Na? by Maria Mercati

What is Tui Na?  by Maria Mercati
Here’s Health Magazine –
This review reveals this massage as a complete healing system and the most tried and tested hands-on therapy in the world.

Here's Health magazine - What is Thai Massage

What is Thai massage? by Maria Mercati
Here’s Health magazine
This review reveals the strong ayurvedic, yogic and Chinese influences of this therapy. .