Nick Lowe – 2012 to 2013

Bodyharmonics School – Anatomy & Physiology, Tui Na foundation, Tui Na Masters and Acupuncture

I first came to Body Harmonics as I had many friends around the country enrolled in the various Acupuncture degree programs who were very dissatisfied with their studies at University. I was happy that I was thrown in to a hands on experiential approach to learning so you can begin developing a skill set very early on. Even with this approach there was a very relaxed environment to the learning; I did not feel under pressure to learn too fast nor did I feel bogged down and threatened by all the possible health and safety concerns which were addressed thoroughly but not focused on more than necessary. The practical side of the course is very much where the benefits of this course lies. Both the Tui Na Chinese massage and Acupuncture is taught safely and confidently in a very warm and healthy clinical environment far removed from the pseudo-hospital like clinics you find around these days which I don’t believed provide a very positive environment for healing. I found my skills improving fast and consistently with every course and found it very easy to take back and practice what I learned.

Tui Na course
Nick Lowe doing Tui Na Spinal Manipulation as taught on the Tui Na masters course
Tui Na course
Nick Lowe doing a Tui Na Manipulation

I found the first 2 Tui Na Chinese massage modules were the real jewel of the education I received there however.
They provided me with a a great foundation in massage and really simple effective skills to be able to treat people which is now how I make my living. People are always very grateful to receive Tui Na and it is taught as a very comprehensive healthcare and treatment system with lots of practical teachings. It also lays a very good, and in my opinion necessary, foundation for learning Acupuncture. I went into the Acupuncture module 3 with already a good knowledge of the basic points, pathways, 5 element theory and organ functions which meant that Acupuncture felt like a natural progression rather than a separate study. I do feel that it would be difficult with someone with little knowledge or experience with the body or Chinese Medicine theory to jump straight into the Acupuncture course however.

I had some background with Chinese Medicine theory before I came along so I cannot comment as well on how a complete beginner would find the large amount of theory needed to be covered. It is manageable but none the less takes time outside of the courses to learn as well. The time of the course is both a strength and a weakness in the sense that the time constraints mean there is a healthy pace to learning but realistically it takes more than a year of study to become knowledgeable about Chinese medical theory which can be quite daunting to cover at first. I have found the basis of knowledge gained on the course has set me up to be able to study quite complex additional theory independently after it has finished.

The teaching staff are warm and friendly and the centre itself is very beautiful and a perfect environment for learning. I always looked forward to coming on the courses and always left feeling quite revitalised myself. This I found to be in stark contrast of friends of mine that went to university lectures and clinic and came back feeling drained and went in again feeling wary. There is no doubt Maria and Trevor have set up something quite special and I personally saw many students and patients alike receiving a lot of help and support with their personal lives.

Although I feel my study of Chinese Medicine was simply started at Body Harmonics it has given me a very useful foundation for me to continue studying and practising and I feel confident treating a range of conditions with many different approaches. Having a degree myself and having spent a lot of time in the institutionalised education system I found their approach to learning fresh and encouraging; I felt I had the license to think outside of the box and explore rather than follow strict guides and rules that I didn’t understand. I owe a large debt to Maria and her whole family who were all very friendly and supportive to me and personally miss going on the courses.
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