Student testimonials on Bodyharmonics courses

Patrick Ross

Modules 1 & 2 – Tui Na, and Module 3 – Acupuncture

Overall Comments:
This is a well-thought out and comprehensive course in Acupuncture.
It is an ambitious course and I found it hugely enjoyable, More info although stressful at times due to the large amount of concentration and work involved
It works well and gives an excellent grounding in the subject due to the previous experience of Tui Na and other body work involved in the build up to the course.
The trust endangered over the build up allows great progress to be made in the mutual helpful comments and diagnosis between lecturers and students during the Acupuncture Course.
Specific Comments:
Syndromes and their diagnoses very enjoyable, helpful and comprehensive.
Tongue diagnosis good as accompanied by practical observation allowed and encouraged.
Pulse diagnosis requires a lifetime’s experience and cannot really be fully covered. Although, every attempt is made to achieve this.
Lectures on anatomy for the blood vessels was excellent.