Acupuncture Course Module 3


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Acupuncture Course Module 3  Diploma

Next course starts 24th  September 2020
Course Fees: £2,500.00.    Course length :  23 days.
Non Refundable Deposit: 

Exam fees £150.00.     Exam weekend – 2 extra days

Course Balance to be paid on the first day of the course 

  • Balance can be paid by card, bank transfer or cash 
  • Balance can be paid in staged payments with 15% surcharge
  • Balance of course fees can be paid a full two months before commencement date for a 5% discount. Contact 

Course length :  23 days.
Number of weekends:  4
Weekend 1 – four consecutive days 9/10/11/12  July  2020
Weekend 2 – four consecutive  days 27/28/29/30  August
Weekend 3 – three consecutive  days  25/26/27 September
Weekend 4 – four consecutive  days  13/14/15  November
Weekend 5 – four consecutive  days  8/9/10 January 2021
Weekend 6 – four consecutive  days  TBA    March 2021
Weekend 7 – two extra exam days.   Written TCM & practical acupuncture exams.    TBA  May/June 2021. Clinical acupuncture practical examined by Danny-Van-Laethem from Belgium
Weekend 7 – one day included in course fees.  CPD Electro Acupuncture  TBA  May/June 2021

Course times: 10.30am to 6.00pm

  • Contact hours: 23 days – 184 contact hours and 2 examination days
  • Practical homework hours 100 spent doing acupuncture case studies
  • Homework case studies, private study hours – 316 hours

Acupuncture course for all backgrounds
Read the syllabus

  • Qualified Tui Na Foundation Level  Practitioners
  • Medically qualified persons
    Medical doctors, physiotherapists, registered osteopaths, members of the British chiropractic association, Western herbalists – members of NIMH, nurses or any degree that has an extensive background in anatomy and physiology can go straight to the  Module 3
  • Qualified Shiatsu practitioners
    With 3 years training can go straight to the  Module 3.
  • Qualified Massage and Sports Massage therapists
    With over 23 days training. Recommended to do Module 1 – Tui Na foundation and Module 3 – Acupuncture.
  • Qualified Chinese , Western Herbalists  or Homeopaths
    Can go straight to Acupuncture Course Module 3  (Would benefit from Tui Na – Module 1 to gain practical hands on experience. )

Those who fall into any the above categories are eligible for part or full exemption from Modules 1 and 2. If you have any other qualifications that are relevant which could justify exemption from Module 1 and Module 2, please email with full details of your qualifications including copies of certificates.

All our students starting with Module 3 find the Traditional Chinese Medicine  – TCM theory quite challenging in the time scale of this course.

The acupuncture course syllabus is as intensive and rigorous as a degree level acupuncture course but with 50/50 academic and practical from day one.
The main emphasis is on TCM  -Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture throughout, taught from unique reserves of knowledge and understanding that result from years of study in China.
The acupuncture training course covers all essential Chinese medical theory together with all the needling and other practical skills that a professional acupuncturist would require.


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