Baby Massage DVD- 12 top daily techniques

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Baby Massage DVD – 12 top Tui Na techniques (38 mins)


Baby Massage DVD – 12 top Tui Na techniques (38 mins)

Baby massage or Tui Na for babies and young children is now a well established branch of traditional Chinese medicine and is practised extensively throughout China. Until now it has remained a well kept secret, and is virtually unknown in the West. I have made repeated visits to China during recent years to research this quite unique form of medicine. My findings have left me amazed that a system of such antiquity has all the makings of becoming medicine for the new millenium. It is now my intention to introduce this wonderfully simple healthcare and treatment system to mothers worldwide.

Tuina achieves its effects by working on the bodies intrinsic energies.  The Chinese call these energies Qi.  This Qi is distributed through the body along precise pathways which here in the West we call meridians.

This baby massage DVD  uses Tui Na Chinese massage as a natural treatment for babies & children to re-establish Qi (energy) balance when it has been disturbed.

This baby massage DVD teaches you Maria Mercati’s  top 12 most powerful infant Tui Na Chinese massage techniques. They are a precious gift for every baby. Maria Mercati has specially selected them as a daily healthcare combination for busy mums.

Also Available in German:
Baby tuina – Die 12 Wichtigsten Techniken
Für kleinkinder von 0-6 jahre in Deutsch

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