Chinese Medicine Healthcare 6 DVD box set by Maria Mercati

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Chinese Medicine Healthcare DVD’S Special Offer

These Chinese Medicine Healthcare DVDS were filmed in China by a professional cameraman in 2000. The aim was to film  Traditional Chinese Medicine in hospitals in its own cultural context of 21st Century China. Maria Mercati’s series of six DVDs on the system of Chinese Healthcare – Traditional Chinese Medicine as practiced in China:  If you want to find out more about each individual DVD click the links

Part 1: Acupuncture
Part 2: Tui Na for Adults
Part 3: Tui Na for Children
Part 4: Food and Herbs
Part 5: Qigong and Tai Chi
Part 6: Teach yourself Five Animals and Six sounds Qigong

Chinese Medicine Healthcare

The name Traditional Chinese Medicine is often abbreviated to TCM.  It includes not only the more familiar Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and Diet but also Tui Na – the less publicized hands-on therapy which is a complex medical massage and manipulation for adults and children as well Qigong and Taichi – healing exercises.

This powerful combination is mainstream medicine for over one fifth of the world’s population. All branches of Chinese medicine aim at stimulating and balancing the body’s intrinsic energies which the Chinese call Qi. Its secret is its ability to evolve to meet the healthcare needs of successive generations.
It must surely be the most tried and tested system of medicine in the world today. With such a rapid spread of traditional Chinese medicine in the West during recent years, there is obviously great interest in the subject.

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