Food & Chinese Herbs DVD



Food & Chinese Herbs DVD

This Food & Herbs DVD is Part 4
of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Series.

This Food & Chinese Herbs DVD is suitable for all practitioners and interested adults. It was filmed in China by a professional cameraman in 2000.

Food is not only something to eat for the Chinese, but is also medicine. They believe that a correct diet is at the forefront of healthcare practice and the treatment of disease.

The film shows that many Chinese herbs and formulae have been used for over a thousand years to promote not only a cure for conditions such as infertility, menopause and skin conditions but also as a means of maintaining radiant good health.   In the West vast quantities of prescription and over the counter manufactured synthetic drugs are consumed which are also available in China. But Chinese people are only too aware that all Western drugs are artificial substances that do have negative and sometimes even serious side effects.

This is why most Chinese prefer to use herbal medicine because they are natural substances and there are herbs for virtually every kind of health problem. Many herbs are so safe and nourishing that they can be taken as daily tonics over a long period of time.

2000 years ago the Chinese had already described and catalogued some 300 different medicinal herbs. 1000 years later, the list had more than quadrupled. Today the catalogue contains around 10,000 different species, most of them now cultivated on a vast scale with 400 in common every day use.

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