Qigong & Tai Chi DVD



Qigong & Tai Chi DVD

This Qigong & Tai Chi DVD is Part 5
of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Series.

Available in both PAL and NTSC – comes in a paper envelope.

This Qi Gong & Tai Chi DVD is suitable for all practitioners who want to improve their Qigong or Tai Chi. It was filmed in China by a professional cameraman in 2000. The film  shows Chinese people doing Qi Gong & Tai Chi in the park

Qi Gong & Tai Chi are exercises that have been developed over thousands of years, like all branches of TCM.   Their purpose is to improve the uptake of Qi from the air and to promote its effective circulation to maintain and improve the function of all the internal organs keeping the body healthy and able to achieve it’s maximum potential.

The Chinese do Qigong and Tai Chi to give resistance to disease, to feel good, to have greater stamina and energy and to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Chinese medicine advocates gentle controlled exercise throughout adult life into old age.

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Dimensions 27 × 20 × 7 cm


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