Thai Massage DVDS- Foundation and Advanced


Thai Massage DVD Box set
Includes Foundation Level 1 and Advanced Level 2

Thai Massage DVD – Level 1 Foundation  by Maria Mercati

Thai Massage DVD by Maria Mercati
Thai Massage 2 SET DVDS by Maria Mercati

This Thai Massage Level 1 foundation DVD (length 100 minutes) by Maria Mercati provides you with an extensive introduction to Thai traditional massage. It demonstrates Maria’s unique foundation-level, whole-body routine composed of over 100 basic techniques.

The Thai Massage DVD enables you to give your family and friends a healing massage to enhance flexibility, improve sports performance and maintain a youthful, healthy body. It is a useful resource for sports-injury therapists, shiatsu practitioners, personal trainers, yoga teachers, osteopaths and dancers.

Thai Massage DVD – Level 2 Advanced  by Maria Mercati

Thai Massage DVDS
Thai Massage DVDS by Maria Mercati

This Thai Massage  Level 2 Advanced DVD ( length 90 Minutes) by Maria Mercati clearly demonstrates over 60 manipulations of Thai Massage. Learn how you can produce the best effects by stretching and pressing the main muscles. Maria really helps you to understand the effects of leverage (highlighted throughout) and guides you to achieve practical results in pain relief and relaxation.


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