Tui Na for Children DVD



Tui Na for Children DVD

This Tui Na for Children  DVD is Part 3
of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Series.

This Tui Na for Children DVD is suitable for all practitioners and parents who want drug free treatment for their children. It was filmed in China by a professional cameraman in 2000.
The film  shows children receiving Tui Na treatments in traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals.

Tui Na for Children  or Paediatric Tui Na is a well established branch of traditional Chinese medicine.  This  Tui Na Treatments for Children DVD shows children being treated for Cerebral Palsy as well as everyday ailments like colds.

In the Chinese hospital Tui Na wards we witness the miraculous effects of Tui Na massage bringing a brain-damaged baby in a coma back to consciousness. This baby while being treated for meningitis had fallen into a deep coma from which she had shown no sign of recovery for 4 weeks. After extensive testing and Western medical treatment for meningitis, the parents were given the devastating news that they should take their child home to die.

They came to the traditional hospital in a last desperate attempt to save their child. A medically trained Tui Na doctor used deep and strong pressure on very specific points and amazingly restored her back to consciousness. The ability of Tui Na to successfully treat more common childhood ailments such as asthma, vomiting, fever, insomnia and anxiety is also shown.

Tui Na for children can help maintain the patterns of Qi balance that promote and co-ordinate physical development resulting in a fit, strong, bright child. A strong immune system is another “spin off” from well-balanced Qi. Good brain development ensures that intelligence can reach full potential

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