Tui Na for Adults DVD by Maria Mercati


Tui Na DVD by Maria Mercati 

This Tui Na DVD is Part 2 of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Series

Available in both PAL and NTSC
Each single DVD comes in a paper sleeve – only the complete set comes in a box.
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This Tui Na DVD is Part 2 of the Chinese Medicine Healthcare Series.

This Tui Na DVD  by Maria Mercati is suitable for all practitioners and interested adults. It was filmed in China by a professional cameraman in 2000.
The Tui Na DVD  shows patients receiving Tui Na treatments in traditional Chinese Medicine hospitals. It complements Step-step Tui Na an instructional DVD

Tui Na predates osteopathy and chiropractice by 4,000 years.  Western viewers will be astounded at the variety of conditions that can be treated with this ancient hands-on therapy.

Tui Na is shown in the context of its ability to treat all spinal problems such as neck, shoulder and back pain. It excels in the treatment of chronic pain associated with the musculo-skeletal system. As a means of treating sports injuries it is quite unsurpassed.

Tui Na on arm and back
Tui Na for arm and back

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