Tui Na Step-by-Step DVD


Tui Na DVD  by Maria Mercati

Tui Na  DVD  is a step by step DVD (59 mins) to awaken body and mind.  Tui Na Chinese massage is a natural treatment for that re-establishes Qi (energy) balance when it has been disturbed. Maria Mercati introduces Tui Na, a vigorous system of Chinese medical massage  to control pain, release tension and bring renewed energy.

Learn the secret of Tui Na Chinese Massage from an expert. It clearly demonstrates Tui Na techniques and Maria’s unique Tui Na  whole-body routine in action for your family and friends.

The DVD complements her book Step-by-Step Tui Na  book.
DVD Format = Region 2 and for PC only in other regions.

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Dimensions 27 × 20 × 7 cm


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