Tui Na Master Practitioner CPD


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Tui Na Master Practitioner CPD

Next course starts 30 April 2020
Course Fees: £500.00
Non Refundable Deposit:


Course Balance to be paid on the first day of the course 

  • Balance can be paid by card, bank transfer or cash 
  • Balance can be paid in staged payments with 15% surcharge
  • Balance of course fees can be paid a full two months before commencement date for a 5% discount. Contact 

Course length :  4 days.
Number of weekends:  1
Weekend 1 – four consecutive days  30 April 1/2/3 May 2020

Course times: 10.30am to 6.00pm

Contact hours: 4 days – 32 hours 
Required private study – minimum 15 hours

  • Our Tui Na Master Practitioner CPD Course is the same as the  Acupuncture course Module 2.
  • Learn lots of new techniques which include many manipulations for treatment. This makes you more confident, enhancing & deepening your knowledge of TCM as well as producing amazing results. We also teach you to do Tui Na using your feet.
  • You will be able to analyse the effects that specific techniques have on meridians, acupoints, muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Diagnosing the location of pathological conditions in the spine that result in pain, numbness, weakness, tingling in the arms, legs and hips and dizziness by physical examination involving Chinese and Western medical techniques.
  • Distinguishing between hip joint, sacro-iliac joint and disc pain in patients suffering from lower back pain and/or sciatica.
  • Learn the most effective Thai Massage stretching techniques that integrate perfectly  with Tui Na in our Tui Na Masters course.
  • Tui Na foundation Module 1 & Tui Na Master Practitioner Module 2 provide a strong foundation of TCM needed for the Acupuncture if you wish to continue. Excellent in conjunction with or in preparation for Acupuncture Module.
  • To become a Tui Na Master practitioner you need to complete both the Tui Na foundation and Master’s courses as they provide you with all the expertise  and competence necessary to become a Tui Na Master.
  • When you start the course, you can have insurance and membership  of Acupuncture-Acutherapy Council to do your case studies. The reason we do this is that students can get started and use this experience to help them with the Tui Na foundation module.
  • Upon successful completion, you will receive a Tui Na Master Practitioner CPD certificate with sports injury,  maintenance and rehabilitation certificate.


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