Bodyharmonics School – Anatomy & Physiology, Tui Na foundation, Tui Na Masters and Acupuncture, Indonesian Massage  and Thai Massage Masters Practitioner.  
Stephen has qualified in all our courses

“When I started training with Maria and her team at The Bodyharmonics Center I was both a graduate and a former college lecturer who had become quite cynical about the way in which education is delivered.

If only all educational places could adopt this approach to teaching and learning!  With a genuine love and enthusiasm for the subjects and skills that are taught.
Substantial practical clinical experience informing knowledge of which
interventions will bring effective results.
Class sizes that are small enough to get personal attention at all
aspects of the learning and a real transfer of that knowledge.
What is taught and how it is taught is foremost in the approach here, not the confusion and unreality of bureaucracy, politics, and impersonal targets.
Alas Maria’s approach of providing quality education in an honest way is rare, and all the more valuable because of that!
When it came to learning acupuncture I could have opted to study to degree level. However I was clear that what I wanted was to learn to do acupuncture, and do it effectively, not to talk, write or theorise about it as an academic subject. So I studied here. Maria’s course surpassed my expectations.

My only regret is that now that I have completed all of the courses on offer I will not be exposed to the inspirational atmosphere that is Bodyharmonics, anything like as often. Thank you all for giving me so much that works, and for doing so with real integrity.”

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