Treatment at the BODYHARMONICS Clinic

If you live in or around Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (or if you are prepared to travel) then you are fortunate enough to be within striking distance of world renowned Western expert on traditional Chinese medicine, Maria Mercati and her son Graham.
For any problem requiring daily intensive treatment you can stay at our special accommodation.

Treatments available at the BODYHARMONICS Clinic:

Chinese Tui Na massage
Baby & Child Tui Na
Indonesian massage

Maria and her son Graham offer each therapy individually or a combination of Acupuncture with  massage to relieve musculo-skeletal  pain and create better physical, mental and emotional health.

Contact us to book a course of treatment with the experts at the BODYHARMONICS Clinic today.

Bodyharmonics Treatment Clinic

Where & When:

Maria Mercati will be at 54 Flecker’s Drive, Hatherley, Cheltenham, Gl51 3BD.
Phone or call in using the details below, or contact us here