Tui Na Testimonials

“I have just completed the Tui Na Chinese Massage Foundation course and both I and all of my fellow students would agree that it was an amazing experience. The support and professionalism of the Bodyharmonics Teamis outstanding. Having been a Soft Tissue Therapist for 15 years and experienced training at many good schools of massage I would say this is without doubt the best course I have ever undertaken.” More details

Stuart Parker – May 2016
Module 1 – Tui Na Foundation

Tui-Na-Foundation course--Stuart-Parker(Sml)
Grace Li doing Tui Na foundation shoulder massage on Stuart Parker

“From day one of the course, taught by Maria, Trevor and Graham Mercati, I was captivated by the knowledge, skill and love of their work. The training was intense and a lot was expected of students – mainly to work very hard and learn. The first time Maria demonstrated a technique on me I knew I was in the right school. ” More details

Tony Wright Bsc 2001 – 2005
Module 1 -Tui Na Foundation, Module 2 – Tui Na Masters  & Module 3 – Acupuncture

Tui-Na Chinese Massage-on-the-back - Tony Wright
Tui-Na Chinese Massage-on-the-back - Tony Wright

“Tui Na is the basis of my success as an acupuncturist as it has given me a sound understanding for the body in health and disease and allows me to treat musculo-skeletal conditions with confidence. I love Chinese medicine, because it has an answer for everything. It can help with many subtle and in Western medicine not easily defined components of health and bring enormous relief to people in many differing situations.More info

Claudia Walker – 2004-2007
Anatomy & Physiology course, Module – Tui Na Foundation course, Tui Na Master Practitioner course, Acupuncture,  Indonesiam massage course and Thai Master Practitioner course.

Claudia Walker - China Trip
Claudia Walker receiving acupuncture certificate from the Director of the TCM college in Shandong

I found the first two Tui Na Chinese massage modules were the real jewel of the education I received…
They provided me with a a great foundation in massage and really simple effective skills to be able to treat people which is now how I make my living.

People are always very grateful to receive Tui Na and it is taught as a very comprehensive healthcare and treatment system with lots of practical teachings. It also lays a very good, and in my opinion necessary, foundation for learning Acupuncture.

I went into the Acupuncture module 3 with already a good knowledge of the basic points, pathways, 5 element theory and organ functions which meant that Acupuncture felt like a natural progression rather than a separate study.  More info
                                                                                                                                            Nick Lowe – 2012- 2012
                                       Module 1 -Tui Na Foundation, Module 2 – Tui Na Masters  & Module 3 – Acupuncture

Tui Na course
Nick Lowe doing Tui Na Spinal Manipulation as taught on the Tui Na masters course

“My family have now integrated Tui na into daily life. My 2 year old now automatically holds out her hand to me to massage if she is feeling unwell or agitated and my 7 year old loves the one to one time during a treatment. My husband is appreciative of the rapid treatment of his regular sporting injuries and even the dog enjoys regular Tui na for her arthritis. Thank you all.”  More info

Lynne Fisher – 2012 – Switzerland
Module 1 – Tui Na foundation

Tui Na course
Lynne Fisher's child doing Tui Na Chinese Massage on her Daddy

Watch our video to hear the following three students
Gary Johnson is an international personal trainer and sports therapist.
Susan is qualified in Swedish massage
Andre is from Germany  

Tui Na course
Student testimonials 2004 - Tui Na course

“…just to say a quick hello from ireland its been too long since i said hello(2011). i am well and happy and all in all before the recession i had my own clinic and managed in over 5 yrs to treat over 1500 clients. Thank you maria and all the family for the time i spent studying and training and for all the free treatment you and the family gave me to get me on my feet again. “ More info

Michael McGonagle – 1999
Anatomy & Physiology course, Module – Tui Na Foundation course

I would like to say to both yourself and Trevor how grateful I am to have received my Tui Na, Thai and Indonesian massage training within the Mercati family. I think you’re a shining light to us all not only in the way you conduct your business, but the care you take of your own. You are the most selfless person I have ever had the privilege to have met, and I will always be proud to say who trained me.”

Liz Cunningham – 1997 – 1999
“BODYHARMONICS  School- Anatomy & Physiology, Module 1 – Tui Na foundation, Module 2 – Tui Na Masters,  Module 3 – Acupuncture and Thai & Indonesian massage

“We believe students trained at your school are mostly exceptional and impressive.”