Acupuncture Course Testimonial
Zena Farrington – 2009

My story studying Acupuncture how it has changed my life. It all started in Nov 06 when I enrolled in a 3-year degree course part time and working fulltime. I did my first year and was lucky to be in a class with wonderfully students all-enthusiastic about TCM.

After the first year I thought how will I carry on for another 2 years plus. The more I study I realised TCM (British Acupuncture – Western) with 5 Elements was not doing it for me. The course spent a lot of time on 5 Elements, but for me – it is part of a combination of Chinese Medicine, but not the main focus of TCM. Many years ago, Westerners went to China, brought Acupuncture back to the UK, and developed it into Western Chinese Medicine. Which is fine and good if that is your path in life for TCM?

But after a year with no needling and asking questions – just to be told “well that is Chinese medicine to an answer” Also the teachers had different view points which is good but not consistent with the over all product of a course.
I was brought up in Singapore with Chinese people and knew that the philosophy and way of working in a Western style was not gelling for me. Therefore, it was with a heavy heart, that I decided to find another course with TCM.

I found Maria Mercati and went for a look to see if I would like it. It was cold dark rainy afternoon and a long journey to her. I thought what was I going into. I could not have been more wrong. The first moment I walked into the teaching room it was busy with trainee acupuncturists all at work and needling the back shu points under the strict supervision of this educated lady who I believe to this day has eyes in the back of her head. I talked to the students some of whom had similar experiences and many already professional therapists who wanted to learn how to needle even after doing a 3-year degree course.

I met one gentleman who had finished his degree and then went to Maria to understand needle technique the Chinese way.

I enrolled and did another year of Tuina which I personally believe is a very good starting block for learning Chinese Medicine – you work with your hands first. I then went on to Module 3 to study Acupuncture and qualified. I have never looked back. Acupuncture is a way of life and it does change your whole perception on life. However, I am very gratefully for the experience. To all that are think of studying TCM I wish you good luck and enjoy the journey that you are about to embark upon.

Zena Farrington receiving acupuncture certificate in Jinan - China